Welcome to Little Sprouts Diapers. We will discuss the variety of diapers that are being worn by many children throughout the world. They range from different brands like Pampers and Huggies. You got brands that are only available in Walmart. The same can be said for Sam’s Club (Simply Right).

As much as I hate to change them, today’s diapers are so much better than the old fashioned cloth diapers. The cloth diapers make child care less expensive but these soiled linens do become a washer’s nightmare. There is a lot of cleaning to be done and I personally admit that I hate cleaning.

My kids are the most important things in my life. That is why I can tolerate changing their diapers. My oldest one is three and she is getting pretty close not wearing any diapers. When she does wear them, She loves to put on the ones that have the Disney characters. She will actually do a good job at keeping still because she will tell me who is on the diaper when I am done changing her.

My next oldest is 2 years old. He loves to squirm around because it just looks like he doesn’t like the fit of the diapers that we put on him. We have tried different brands with the same result. Maybe a cloth diaper would be an exception for him but you guys know how I feel about cloth diapers.

My youngest daughter is the only one and hasn’t quite formed an opinion about her diapers but will definitely let us know when that dirty diaper has to be changed.

As far as quality of brands go, I like the Sam’s Club brand the best. They absorb better than the other brands that I have tried. You also get more diapers when you purchase them. So there is a lot of value to this particular brand.


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Huggies are my favorite brand when it comes to diapers. I am willing to spend extra money for this brand because I always save myself money and stress in the long run, and most importantly they make my baby happy.

Earlier this week, I got Huggies Little Movers diapers. These are designed to let the baby move more freely, and this is exactly what my boy needs because he is really becoming active! I took them out of the package and they passed the feel test for me. They were soft, but fairly thick and seemed durable. Sometimes, you can just tell that a diaper isn’t going to work out, but this was not the case for these!

So the next step was putting them on, which was also a very easy process. They fit really nicely and seem like they are quite comfortable for your baby. I expected this quality with the goal for these diapers being to help babies move more freely.

The part you could say I was concerned about is how these would stand up to my little boy’s bathroom breaks. I had hoped that they weren’t sacrificing the quality of their leakage protection to much for the ability to add movement and flexibility. Honestly, I don’t think they did at all! These aren’t the thickest diapers, and maybe there will be certain scenarios where these will leak a little more in case of bigger accidents, but we did not have to change more than usual and the results were very similar to any other type of diaper I had previously used.

You can definitely tell that you’re baby moves a lot more comfortably in these too! They really hold up to the name they’ve been given. I can’t get him to stop running around and climbing on the furniture! We’ve had experiences with some diapers where he would develop a bit of a rash on his inner legs from too much rubbing there. These Little Movers really do fit nicely though and I do not  see any concerns of rashes developing whatsoever. Definitely a relief for the both of us!

These are a little on the expensive side you could say. I got a 120 pack for around $40, but I really can’t be too upset about the price with how happy I am of the quality of the diaper. You can buy bargain brands, but in my opinion you end up spending more money because you burn through so many diapers. In worst case scenarios, they end up ruining clothes or you have to take care of rashes that develop. I’ll always spend the extra ten to fifteen, even twenty dollars to avoid getting my baby and myself into these predicaments.

Like I said earlier, Huggies is a brand that I have always trusted and it appears that they have pulled through for us once again! I will definitely continue to buy these diapers for my kid, and would recommend to anyone that they do the same!


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Change For The Better?

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Today I bought a brand of diapers that I had never used before. I decided to switch it up and go with the Luvs brand. However, after not even 24 hours of using these for my son, I have already made the decision to never buy them again.

As soon as I opened them up and felt them I already started having buyer’s remorse. They were very thin, and not as soft as other brands I had tried. Although I was worried, I thought maybe there is something to these diapers that I am just not able to realize through feel. So, I hesitantly put them on my son. A couple of hours later I noticed that he was already wet. He might as well have not even had a diaper on. The urine went right through these, leaving his clothes soaked. He couldn’t have gone that much in a matter of 2 hours. I can’t be on a changing routine that requires a new diaper this often. This lack of absorbency from diapers is the quickest way for a baby to develop a bad rash down there. First of all, I don’t have the time for this; nor do I have the money to spend on trying to cure rashes, and I especially don’t want my baby going through this.

I got the large pack at Target for twenty five dollars. It came in a 160 pack, so not the most expensive, but definitely overpriced for the quality that you receive. You’ll end up spending more money when you have to buy new clothes for your baby! These were the “ultraleak guard” type as well, so I can’t imagine what the lesser ones would be like. I don’t see myself even using this pack; I might keep them around in case of emergency.

I learned my lesson today, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it! I am still going to stick with Huggies and Pampers as my diapers of choice. You can tell the difference just from feeling those. They are much thicker, but are still comfortable for the baby to be able to move around in. Huggies and Pampers are the best I’ve found as far as leakage goes as well. I may have to spend more on these diapers, but the extra ten bucks is well worth it. Therefore those two will be the only diaper brands I trust from now on!

I wish I would’ve looked up reviews on this before I went shopping! Hopefully this helps any current or future parents out there! Save your money and go with a better brand, even if the price is a little more expensive, you are going to save money, time, and stress in the long run! I’ll be going back to the store tomorrow morning to get different diapers, I do not want to go another day constantly having to change these, worrying that my child is going to ruin his clothes or worse, develop a nasty rash. This last twenty five dollars spent on this pack are just going to be for emergency back-up diapers.